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Stay Young & BeautifulIt would be very unfair to say that only women need a break to rejuvenate themselves, well even men do! Those who go to office, meet with friends, run around to keep the family happy, they need a good relaxing body treatment like a refreshing body massage in a spa or a sauna bath after a tiresome week of work. There are different types of massages given in spas to relax the customer inside out. Two of the basic and best known are Swedish massage and Balinese massage. Massages are done is a very scientific way. Scientific because they consider the physiology of humans well and then use the correct pressure and strokes in a particular direction of the body. For Example:

Swedish massage – is used to relax the entire body with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood flow towards the heart. It is beneficial for increasing oxygen level in blood, improving circulation, decreasing toxins and increasing flexibility while easing muscle tension. Masseurs use circular pressure with hands and palms, bending and stretching of muscles, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping and some additional methods to relax muscle tension. It is like a relaxing physiotherapy. Deep tissue massage is a form of Swedish massage which is used to release chronic muscle tension. The focus remains on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints.

Balinese Massage – is used to relax the whole mind and body together. The masseurs use essential herbal oils with good medicinal properties. Techniques include skin rolling and flicking, acupressure, firm and gentle stroking and percussion. It is used to bring a balance in the body. By applying pressure to some reflex points like palms, feet, temples or ears, problems with those organs or a person’s general health is improved. This lets the blood flow in a particular direction, which helps those particular points to be well oxygenated. It is specially beneficial for achy joints and muscle strains, to ease migraines, sleep disorders, reducing stress and anxiety

These are just two of the many options which you can opt for, whenever considering taking a spa. If you are a fitness freak or a sports person, you can go for a Sports Massage; if you feel that your sacral part or cranial bones need some relaxation from too much of stress and tensions, then you can opt for Cranial Sacral Therapy; if you want your ageing parents or grandparents to live more, relax and feel a bit younger, you must send them for Geriatric Massage Therapy. There is a big list which you can choose from.

It sounds so much better to take a Balinese or a Swedish massage for one hour and then a full body scrub by trained professionals in the spa, rather than just overthinking most of the time about work, budget, and the “what next?” list!

There are amazing offers available online to give you lucrative services for beautifying or removing all your muscle and mind tensions with spas and many other body treatments, that too in a budget fitting your pocket. Now you don’t need to hold back from revamping yourself whenever you get bored of monotony of your life.

There are some very interesting and useful e-commerce portals providing wonderful deals on assorted spas and salons. Continue to take care of yourself and treat yourself with all good things. Recreate, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and soul, with exclusive online authentic deals making life be like heaven for you.

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