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How do you find best repair for your laptop in Dubai

We offer hardware repair service for laptops & computer in Dubai for all brands. UAE Technician, the use of laptops is necessary and essential for the daily work of every person, since you are often in need of tasks in certain places for which a desktop computer is not conditioned. Laptops, with their features of reduced size and lower weight, and the advantage they offer of being able to use them without the need to be connected to the power grid, make it possible to work anywhere. Dell Notebook Technical Service, however, improper use and Continued from them, it is possible that over time, laptops suffer from dissimilar failures and problems that make it impossible for their proper operation.

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These failures are often conditioned by software or hardware problems, often being the easiest to solve, as a hardware failure would imply knowing the entire operation of the different stages that make up the portable motherboard, knowing how to interpret the schematic plans correctly of these and have the tools and tools suitable for their effective repair, as in its design, the SMT (Surface Mount Technology – Surface Mount Technology) technology is used, thus complicating the processes of desoldering and welding of the different integrated ones during the stage of repair

Repair of MacBook Pro:

In UAE Technician, we are an efficient macbook pro service in Dubai for maintaining a perfect MacBook pro device repair methodology. Our special technician team is made up of real experts in Apple devices, aware of the peculiar and complex architecture of MacBook Pro devices, their difficult map of integrated and general morphology. We arrange any MacBook Pro notebook: A1260, A1261, A1297, A1286, A1278, A1398, A1425, A1502
Replacement of Retina screens in Macbook Pro.

In UAE Technician we have real stock of new original retina screens and original used screens for Macbook pro and Macbook air. We offer express service 1h and 24h for our customers and we can change the screen of your Macbook pro retina at the moment. Among the models we have in stock, we can highlight: Macbook Pro A1278, A1286, A1502, A1425 and A1398. In Macbook air A1369, A1370, A1465, A1466.

Electronic level repair of All brands laptop:

In order to solve both the software problems as well as those related to the hardware of the different models of laptops in the market, mainly those that involve repair at the microcomponent level of its motherboard, and also providing the most qualified and stable technical services and Technical support of the city of UAE, the UAE Technivian was created.Our Technician team is formed by the best professionals in the computer science area and the electronics of the Dubai, UAE, all of them with a high level of preparation and highly trained to carry In the shortest possible time, the successful repair of laptops.

In addition, they are continuously trained about the new technologies and advances that are being applied to the design of the laptops, thus guaranteeing a fast and safe response to any problem that may appear on the laptops. Rebelling-Laptop workshop of the UAE Technician, in addition To be equipped with the most modern equipment, accessories and instruments on the market (rebelling machines, stations for the soldier with hot air, laboratory sources, etc.), it has a broad backing of parts, accessories and spare parts for all models of laptops UAE Technician offers all its services under the best rates and payment facilities in Dubai.

UAE Technician repair services are intended to solve, all the problems associated with Laptops:

Short circuits that may appear on the motherboards of portable devices due to the spillage of some liquid or the deterioration of a micro-component (mosfet, transistor, diode, capacitor or integrated), which triggers an avalanche effect and causes the appearance of a short, causing other breakdowns in the primary and secondary sources or, preventing the correct transition between the states or logical levels of some signals essential for the correct ignition and operation of the notebook.

Deterioration or crackdown of the welding of some important integrated components for the operation of the notebook, such as the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), as these problems cause these components not Make the proper contact with the motherboard and therefore do not perform their functions properly.

  • The presence of corrupt information in the BIOS memory or its complete deterioration, preventing the initialization instructions of the laptop stored in it from being read correctly, and then the correct sequence of ignition of the same is not executed.
  • The DC connector (Jack DC), which prevents the power and load of the laptop, as well as failures in the connectors or USB ports that disable the connection of external peripherals.
  • The inverter of the screens, causing it not to perform the AC-DC conversion required for the backlight on the screen.
  • Parts and accessories defective or in poor condition and that condition the correct operation of the laptop, whether these, hard drives, RAM, optical devices, network cards or screens.
  • Rebelling on Macbook Pro and replacing graphics. The best solution for your Mac when you turn on without image.

Also our services are aimed at solving the following software problems:

  • Drivers or outdated drivers that cause malfunction of peripheral devices connected to the laptop.
  • The presence of viruses that slow down the operation of the installed operating system or cause the loss of information.
  • Installation of various programs, as well as the installation of the operating platforms Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

UAE Technician – portable All these repair and technical support services that the UAE Technician makes available, can be made to any model of the laptop market, be it Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Packard Bell, Sony Vaio, Dell, Compaq , Asus and among others Fujitsu Siemens. UAE Technician repair services will at all times stand out for its high competitiveness and professionalism, as well as for the realization of reliable, reliable and stable jobs, since our beginnings, our group has sought to comply with the Our customers’ expectations and be their main reference to any problem or breakdown that may occur on your laptop.

We are aware of the benefits and functionalities provided by the laptops and therefore we will always put all our efforts to offer fast solutions and with the best guarantees in Dubai. Acer laptop repair in Dubai, Sony Vaio laptop repair in Dubai, Asus laptop repair in Dubai Repairing HP notebooks in Dubai, notebook cleaning in Dubai.

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