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UAE Technician Acer Repair services repair your laptop at an Acer official service Here are the steps to follow to perform the repair of your Acer laptop whether you are from Dubai or nearby provinces. One of the great barriers that the user encounters when processing the warranty of his equipment, is the lack of the technical service in his locality or city, since in this case We are providing services at your home and office at any place in our Dubai.

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Best Acer service center in Dubai, UAE

At UAE Technician, in order to improve communication between the user and the manufacturer, we offer the service of collection, delivery and delivery to users of all brands in the market. In this way we offer a comfortable and reliable service to the customer, since it delivers the equipment to us in our physical store in Dubai and we take care of all the paperwork both bureaucratic and technical in the event of an incident in the SAT due to lack of some documentation, loss of data of the equipment, damage out of warranty or any other matter.

If after calling the manufacturer or visiting your premises there is no guarantee or the particular fault is not covered by it, we help you to repair your equipment at a significantly lower price than the official repair service. We have a minimum of three months guarantee on all our repairs and a maximum of one year depending on the type of repair if it is electronic or spare.

Official service of Acer in Dubai
Acer computers and laptop are good value for money, but the day they fail, there are people who end up spending a lot on the repair. In UAE Technician Team, we repair laptops or desktop computer without great costs, because we have many tools, techniques and experience in the repair sector.

Before a failure in the computer, this can be due to two possible problems:

  • The software fails, ie there is a virus or memory may be too full and slows the PC speed.
  • There is some kind of damage to the hardware and it is necessary to repair a part or even change it to a new one.

Normally a software and hardware problem can be solved from home, for example through the official website of the UAE Technician, but for hardware repair problems it is necessary to go to a specialized center in repairs, since normally users do not have in-house spare parts of screens , Dc Jack connectors, keyboards, Wi-Fi antennas or CPU fans.

At UAE Technician, our store located in Dubai, UAE, we have the necessary resources for these types of situations, those pieces necessary to repair any Acer model.

Acer model service
Our company have screens of several models, since we are official distributors of the main brands of the market in screens of laptops. We also have many other compatible and official parts, such as portable Wi-Fi, hard drives, charging connectors and many others.

Acer Aspire
This range includes convertible models with touch screens and modern designs, such as Aspire R7, Vnitro or the most versatile and convertible Switch 10E, perfect for playing and working with the same device, since it is on the border between tablet and computer.

Acer Aspire One

This line of the mark exceeds the ten hours of the battery life and counts with screens of between ten and eleven inches. It is one of the most valued for its portability, but in other respects, such as performance and speed, can be more accurate than other models if it is for daily use, with an Atom N270 processor and a 512 MB RAM module , although it can be extended with an extra module.

Acer Timeline

This series comes equipped with the Intel® Core ™ processor family and has a battery with more than eight hours of autonomy. You could work a whole working day without connecting it to a power supply, in addition to using it for travel, thanks to its thickness of less than an inch. In addition, this range has powerful graphics cards and an HD display, which make them preferred for games or design programs.

Acer Travelmate

These laptops are ideal for increasing productivity, which is why they are preferred for work or study, specially designed for people who travel for work, because it has a robust design, a size easily transportable, a battery with eight hours of autonomy and a state-of-the-art processor.

Acer Ferrari

What makes this model special is not only its exclusive design in tribute to the brand of cars, but also has incredible specifications, especially in terms of value for money. Power and size do not always go hand in hand, as demonstrated by this AMD Athlon X2 processor and an ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics card.

For more information you can visit us in the F1 SYSTEMS LLC Address: Box No. 125076, Dubai, Emirates. or by calling the phone 0557503724 and inform yourself of any other doubts that you have or help that you need.

Acer Repair Services

At UAE Technician we offer you the possibility to manage the warranty process of your computer equipment, mobile device, tablet or game console.

UAE Technician managements to repair the equipment of Acer laptop and Computer: –

  • We collect the equipment.
  • The shipment to the official repair service.
  • Follow-up of the repair.
  • Reception and testing of equipment.
  • We deliver the equipment already repaired to your address.

You can also process your own warranty of your equipment by calling the contact phone @ 0557503724 indicated below or take it to the official store in your city, Dubai. It is necessary to take into account the type of repair or the nature of the failure since in many occasions when sending the equipment to the UAE Technician repair service of Acer, can communicate to you of a budget by damage of the equipment by bad use of the client.

Problems that Acer warranty does not cover:

  • Humidity detected in the laptop, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Physical damage to the exterior of the equipment or to the motherboard.
  • Manipulation of equipment.
  • Error in the purchase invoice or the inexistence of the same.


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