Women with Incontinence

Exercise your way through to deal with incontinence

Only you know how incontinence can cause havoc in life. All your schedule gets messed up and all this can put you in pretty much awkward situations, hampering both your personal and professional life. Women with incontinence look for many solutions, which usually turns out to be a surgical procedure and other methods which can be termed simply as “out of your pocket”. The best way for you is to exercise your way through.

First and foremost, you need to know, why incontinence in women happens?

  1. It can be due to stress incontinence like childbirth and weight gain.
  2. Menopause- After menopause, estrogen production in women reduces leading to deterioration of the lining of the bladder and urethra.
  3. Gradual Agening- changes with age leads to aging of the bladder muscle, which can decrease the bladder’s capacity to store urine.
  4. Neurological Disorders like Parkinson’s disease, spinal injury.
  5. Some medications like anti-depressants.

Incontinence Treatment with exercises:

Exercises to curb incontinence are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, which are responsible for holding the bladder in place. When these levator muscles weaken, pelvic organs move out of their normal place. The first step with physical therapy is to treat the weakened pelvic muscles.

Exercise is a safe and effective way for women with incontinence. Exercises can be done alone or with vaginal cones, biofeedback therapy or electrical stimulation. But, these exercises are required to be performed correctly to be effective. You should opt for biofeedback therapy if you have difficulty in identifying the levator muscle. For some people, electrical stimulation further enhances pelvic muscle rehabilitation therapy.

Women with incontinence can start with pelvic exercise, also know as Kegel exercise. Pelvic floor muscle exercises are performed by drawing in or lifting up the levator muscles. This movement is done normally to control urination or defecation. Individuals should avoid contracting the abdominal, buttock, or inner thigh muscles. The following techniques can be used to learn how to squeeze these muscles:

  1. Trying to stop the flow of urine while in the middle of going to the bathroom.
  2. Squeezing the anal sphincter as if to prevent passing gas.
  3. Tightening the muscles around the vagina (for example, as during sexual intercourse).

Beginners should perform the squeezing exercise five times, holding each squeeze for a count of five (a person may have to start with a count of two or three). This should be done one time every hour while awake. These exercises can be performed while driving, reading, or watching television. After practice, you may be able to hold each contraction for at least 10 seconds, and then relax for 10 seconds.

Women with incontinence should be sure that they are not contracting their abdominal muscles when performing these drills. This can worsen urinary incontinence.

Some further tips for women with incontinence-

  1. Go to bathroom 6 six times a day and once or null during night.
  2. Incontinent pads are a savior during some formal occasions and party.
  3. Apply for incontinence cleaning products to take care of your skin.

Health Drinks and Their Benefits

Health and fitness beverages have become extremely popular these days. A few years back it was challenging to buy a health drink supplement because the market was not flooded with them, but at this time, there appears to be a great number of choices to select from. With that in mind, today the issue is, can a person acquire a health and fitness beverage which actually offers health benefits.

Simply because there is a great amount of competition, there are many health drinks on the market that are actually no more than sugar and flavoring. However, there are health beverages available that work which happen to be supported by scientific research along with testimonials of satisfied customers. People are not fearful of giving a testimonial concerning the performance of a supplement due to the fact it has provided positive benefits to him or her.

Health beverages are turning out to be an aspect of our day-to-day regimen and meals. Health beverages tend to be  replacing juices, coffee, and even vitamin supplements as nutritional sources. A few of the stated rewards of health drinks involve  better eyesight, rejuvenation (especially for the skin), anti-inflammatory, blood  cleanser, detoxifier, anti-aging benefits like memory enhancement, good heart benefits, immune system re-enforcer, and these drinks may actually impede or slow down the advancement of particular cancers.

Whenever you are  selecting the ideal health beverage for you, examine the supplement’s ingredients along with stated health benefits based on the testimonies of the actual users. The more positive recommendations one might obtain, the better. However, don’t presume that the identical results  are going to transpire for you or even benefit you in the same manner.

Fruit beverages, like a health and fitness drinks, are frequently  utilized to supplement a diet plan. Fruit beverages usually are refreshing, which is the reason why many consumers are adding them to their diet regime. There are a number of sweetened fruit beverages on the market today and are frequently  used to take the place of soft drinks.

Fruits, as well as fresh vegetables, cleanse the body system because their fibers eradicate the toxic substances in the body. Fruits along with vegetables are actually an excellent source of food for vitamins and they can actually ward off diabetes or weight problems. Often, parents, have problems getting fruits and vegetables into their kid’s meals. When this happens parents should make health beverages out of the fruit and vegetables, making the food items a great deal more desirable  to the little ones.

It’s healthier to drink all-natural health beverages, regrettably, though, the majority of the health drinks offered in the marketplace these days tend to be soft drinks developed to supply energy. These types of health beverages  happen to be manufactured in a method to deliver nutritional value to your body system so that the human body can restore itself from damage plus various other types of health conditions.

All-natural health beverages will consist of fruit drinks as pointed out previously. Current research has revealed that coffee can be categorized as a natural health beverage. The research shows coffee assists in fighting diseases and that it can actually lessen diabetes and heart ailments. The studies also showed that coffee may lower the threat of bladder cancer for adult females.

Studies and research have continually proven that teas have healthy benefits. Green tea offers antioxidants and improves the immune system of the body and also can help protect against arteriosclerosis as well as some cancers.

Still when compared with various other health beverages, water is definitely the best drink with regard to the human body. Water tends to be vital for the entire body given that it helps our body system process vitamins along with other nutrients. Water helps the body flush waste materials away, water will cleanse one’s kidneys and liver. Devoid of water, the human body is going to dehydrate, which is not good.

Water dehydration will help to make the blood thicker making it harder for the heart to move  the blood through the body.

There’s a ton of commercially-made natural health beverages that declare they are important to our body. However, it is a choice which must be made with your body in mind as well as the health drinks side effects on the body over an extended period of time.

Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Most people brush off minor health concerns, reasoning them to be a part of hectic lifestyles. However, these small signs and symptoms may be a warning signal for a major underlying issue. Know all about the health symptoms women shouldn’t ignore, in this article.
Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list. ~ Michelle Obama
A woman’s body is definitely more complicated than a man’s. A small sneeze will get a man running to the doctor, perhaps for a complete checkup. But a woman will sleep or rest through her worst illness at times. Yes, we know women are more tolerant, and also have a higher threshold for pain, and in most areas, both physical and mental.

So, small issues like headaches, slight pain or discomfort in any part of the body, is usually brushed off by most women. They reason it with their hectic and busy lives. But did you know that a pain or discomfort or any other sign is perhaps a signal from your body that something is not right? Sleeping off a small cold is understandable, but there are other symptoms that women should never ignore. Women are simply designed that way – they do not have the time to get to the root of these things. There are plenty of ‘other’ issues their lives are stacked with. But is it OK to take your body and health for granted? Definitely not. Beneath that minor ache or pain may be lying a serious, or in rare cases, a potentially life-threatening condition. It is, therefore advisable to notice any symptoms which do not seem regular. It is your body, and you will know when it tells you something is just not right.

Symptoms Never to Be Ignored

Unusual bleeding between periods/Unusual vaginal discharge

Bleeding between periods can indicate many underlying health issues, though not all of these are serious concerns. There may be less-serious causes like, Polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal imbalances, and endometriosis. If bleeding takes place after menopause, during sex, and is accompanied with pelvic pain and bloating, it may be indicative of gynecological cancers. It is always advised to immediately take medical help and undergo tests in case of any of the above symptoms. Excessive vaginal discharge, foul-smelling or changes in color of the discharge, are also symptoms of health issues, like BV (Bacterial vaginosis), and in rare cases, even cervical cancer.

Heavy bleeding

Heavy bleeding is a common condition for most women, the cause of which can vary. Sometimes, heavy bleeding is due to minor issues like a thick uterine lining. However, other serious issues like fibroid tumors, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian cysts, can also cause heavy bleeding. Not all these conditions are serious, but some tumors may be the cause of infertility. Do get a checkup done in any case.

Lump or pain in the chest

This one is perhaps the most important and serious symptom women should never ignore. A sharp or even mild pain in the chest should not be ignored. However, this may not always indicate a heart attack. But, it can definitely be a sign of other heart diseases and issues. Even with the slightest pain, and irrespective of the frequency, seek medical help.

Skin changes

Most women make it a point to keep a tab on the health of their skin. Keeping aside the beautification aspect, it is also important to observe any major changes in the skin, like excess pigmentation, scaly and dry skin, changes on moles, and even bleeding of the skin. In very rare cases, these indicate cancer. So a proper medical test is advised, before concluding anything.

Blood in stool or urine

Cancer of the rectum is the third-most common cancer in women. That being said, any unusual bleeding, like rectal bleeding or blood in the stools should be immediately reported to the doctor. All cases, however, may not be indicative of cancer. Hemorrhoids may also be a major cause of rectal bleeding. Nevertheless, blood in the urine calls for an immediate medical checkup.

Extreme fatigue

Feeling stressed or tired at the end of the day is a normal sign for most women. Handling a job and family may also add to the stress. But feeling tired more often than not (persistent for two weeks or more), is surely a sign of concern. It may indicate a major diet deficiency, like that of iron. Excess fatigue may also be indicative of a number of health issues, like diabetes, thyroid conditions, and even depression.

Breathlessness/Difficulty in breathing

Feeling breathless after a workout or climbing stairs once in a while is normal. When you feel breathless with minor activities, it is more often a common symptom of an underlying heart disease. Most women ignore this symptom, as they think it is too common and minor. But if you also have other symptoms like breathlessness, coupled with fatigue, dizziness, and nausea, get medical help. Sometimes, congestive heart failure, lung cancer, or emphysema, could be the underlying reason for shortness of breath.

Bloating and stomach discomfort

Pain and bloating in the abdomen is usually caused by indigestion. If this condition is persistent, and there is pain in one specific region of your abdomen, get a checkup done immediately. In conditions where there is frequent bloating and cramping, appendicitis, gallbladder issues, or ulcers could be the cause. It is better to get a checkup done and be wise, rather than ignore and stay worried.

Heart palpitations

It is alright if your heart flutters with a romantic song, movie, or with your loved one. But in all the other cases, fluttering of the heart is definitely not a healthy sign. A major reason for heart palpitations is lack of oxygen. Excess caffeine may also be the cause. In case of the former, heart fluttering may also indicate issues with the valves of the heart or hyperthyroidism. So, wait for no more fluttering, get a heart test and checkup done immediately.

Trouble sleeping

Here again, women blame their busy schedule to stress and lack of sleep, which is true to a certain extent. The quality of sleep too is important. If you find it difficult to sleep even after a busy day, on most days, there may be a health issue preventing you from getting good, quality sleep. It is observed that women who enter menopause are often affected by sleeplessness at night. If you also have breathing difficulties with trouble falling asleep, chances are, there is a heart condition, or even asthma that needs to be treated.

Pain during sex

Most women are ashamed to bring up issues related to sex. They feel this problem is with them, and feel embarrassed to discuss the same even with their partner. A woman’s gynac and sexual health is very important. Ignoring issues like painful and discomforting sex may invite many health risks. Pain during intercourse can have many reasons, like hormonal changes, infections, and other gynecological problems. So, do not ignore or self-treat this issue, and take medical help.

Frequent headaches

Most women would not consider something as casual as a headache to be a problem or potential health risk. We agree that most headaches are caused by stress, exertion, and hectic lifestyles. But if the headache happens almost everyday (except in case of migraines), and is severe, you might want to ditch the paracetamol and get a checkup done. Though in rare cases, there is a possibility of the headache being a sign of some underlying health issue, like a tumor, infection, or even a stroke.

Unexplained sudden weight loss

It may sound like good news to women, but unexplained weight loss, though a pleasant surprise, is not healthy. If you have lost a considerable amount of weight without intending to do so, make sure you schedule an appointment with a health expert. It may indicate an underlying endocrine disorder, if the weight loss is accompanied by difficulty in concentration, sweating, and increased appetite. Diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, and also depression, may be causing you to lose weight.

Changes in the breast/Lump or pain in the breast

Women know how crucial it is to be screened for breast cancer regularly. If you find a lump, thickening of the skin around the breast, or if the breasts are sore and painful, get a checkup done immediately. It is, however, important to know that not all cases of pain and lumps in the breasts indicate breast cancer. However, it is advisable to get tests done regularly.

The above was the list of the symptoms that you need to be careful about. There are many things that we overlook, and this includes our health too. But, make sure that in the whole mad world of a career and balancing relationships, your health does not get affected. Take care!

3 Groups of Women Who Benefit Most From Gynecological Care

There are clinics that require patients to book appointments weeks in advance. This may be okay with you, but what if you suffer an emergency and you need assistance? You will definitely not want to wait for weeks. Gynecological and obstetric care is often provided on appointment, but then there are some situations that just pop up. In such a case you need to find the best walk in clinic Manhattan has to offer to provide these services.

Many women do not go for gynecological care. It is for this reason that many are dying of treatable conditions like breast and cervical cancer which can be detected early if one regularly visits a gynecologist. In the defense of these women, it is hard to find a trustworthy gynecologist or obstetricians considering these professionals deal with the most intimate details of a woman’s life. It is therefore important to get one you can trust.

Care for everyone

Ob-gyns serve all women. It does not matter whether they are a two-year girl or a woman in her late eighties. These professionals are able to help out with women related medical issues. Nonetheless there are some specific groups of women who benefit most from gynecological care. Two year old girls and even those seven years older might not really need these services but the following women do:

1. Adolescent girls

When you were just getting into puberty, there were so many things happening to your body and some even scared you. There are girls who have no idea what to expect when adolescence strikes. This affects them greatly. Some of them even slip into depression all because of the natural changes that take place in a woman’s body. There is the menstrual flow, growth of breasts and such things happening. A gynecologist can help them adjust to these changes.

2. Women in the child-bearing age

It is during this stage that some of the craziest things happen in a person’s life. The issues of adolescence are understandable but those that take place during this stage are unexpected. For instance, fibroids are unexpected growths in the uterus. They can develop within this period of life. There are also the pregnancies- they are natural but they bring a lot of new things especially if you have never been expectant before.

Put simply, this group of women benefits the most from available gynecological care. As a matter of fact, they are the ones who visit these professionals the most. When one wants to get pregnant and when pregnant the best ob gyn specialists come in really handy. They will help you carry a healthy pregnancy to term.

3. Post menopause gynecological care

Just because menstruation stops when menopause kicks in, it does not mean that reproductive health dies. It is important to keep in touch with your gynecologist during and after menopause. Just like with the adolescents, these professionals help to cope with the changes that come during menopause. They will also help you to adapt to the life after this period. This is all the while watching out for certain conditions that might want to take advantage of your aging body like the cancers.

In summary, seeking gynecological counsel is always great for your body as a woman. Simply find the best ob gyn specialists in your area of residence and you will be good to go. If you have a reproductive health issue, it is always important to seek their help. Finding one who offers emergency care would be an added advantage for you.