Five Women’s Issues You Didn’t Know About

No doubt a man goes through a lot of physical problems in his life, but a woman is bound to face more problems than her opposite gender. Why? Because after entering the age of puberty, she goes through her periodical cycles every month; she is the one who gets into the phase of pregnancy; she breast feeds her babies; she has to go through postpartum issues and finally, she enters the state of menopause, which drains out the entire energy of her body.

Believe it or not – a woman goes through uncountable health issues in her life. While some are known to all, there are others that even women themselves are unaware about, unless they go through the same. Here are the five things a lot of people don’t know about women’s health:

  1. There is something known as the ‘postpartum’ phase: After the delivery of the baby, the woman enters the postpartum phase in her life. Once the baby is out of the womb, there are hundreds of changes that take place inside the mother’s body. From her breasts to her belly, everything needs to come back to its original size. Moreover, there is a lot of internal bleeding, cleaning and other such things happening in her body, which remains for around three to four months.
  2. Every pregnant woman goes through the problem of stretch marks: No matter how many oils or creams or lotions you use to protect your skin from being affected of your pregnancy, you will end up getting stretch marks, especially around your belly.
  3. Almost every woman goes through premenstrual symptoms: And you thought your girlfriend gets angry without any reason? To be honest, every woman goes through the phase of premenstrual symptoms like mood-swings, short-temperedness, sensitive nipples, etc.
  4. Every woman is bound to go through the problem of ‘mood-swings’: A lot of men usually complain about the mood-swings problems of their wives; they have got to know that such things are meant to take place in the mind of the woman. The reason is simple – her body changes time to time and she herself doesn’t understand how to cope up with the sudden changes.
  5. There are times when a few women are told to get their entire womb removed: There are times when a woman goes through a lot of internal issues, due to which she is advised to go for the surgical removal of the entire or just a part of her womb. This process is known as hysterectomy.

Top 7 Fun Facts About Breasts

There’s something special about women’s breasts that attract attention of males. You can easily find men around you who simply can’t stop bringing breasts in their conversations now and then. Numerous researches have been done on breasts to find why men are so awestruck with breast, especially the bigger ones. Over the years, Breast enlargement surgery has become the most effective way for women to achieve bigger breasts.

Here is a list of some studies conducted on breasts that revealed funny results. Have a look.

  • Financially Unhappy Men Like Big Breasts & Rich Men Like Small Breasts

Yeah, though it sounds weird, but that’s what a recent research conducted by expert scientists showed. Bigger breasts attract men who are facing financial troubles, or in simple words are poor. The study reveals that the size of breasts a man prefers is somewhat related to the amount of money he earns.

  • Hungry Men Love Big Breasts

Another study has revealed that men who haven’t eaten for a while are more attracted to bigger breasts, whereas men who just had heavy food would usually prefer small breasts women. So stay hungry stay lovable! Bon app√©tit!

  • Large Breasts Are Less Attractive For Men Not Interested In Fatherhood

A recent study showed results that naturally breasts are a sign of woman’s ability to bear and nurture healthy children. This natural phenomenon is the reason why men who aren’t interested in becoming a father are more attracted towards small breasts.

  • Pressing Breasts May Keep Women Away From Cancer!

Something to cheer upon! By squeezing, pressing, fondling and playing with breasts of your partner, you can ensure that she stays away from breast cancer. Studies have shown that physical force can affect the growth and reversion of cancer cells.

  • Sexist Men Prefer Small Breasts

Another study revealed that men with sexist attitudes towards females are more likely to prefer small breasts. So, this can be a good reason of getting breast enlargement surgery by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai in a cosmetic clinic. The bigger breasts might ensure that you stay away from sexist men.

  • Bras Speedup Sagging Problem

A few studies have even suggested that wearing a bra is completely useless as it might cause the breasts to sag quickly than expected. A Study stated that women who did not wear a bra got natural support by developing more muscle tissues.

  • Men Who Like Small Breasts Want A Submissive Partner

This is another excellent reason of getting breast enlargement surgery by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai in a cosmetic clinic. A study revealed that men who like small breasts are usually looking for a submissive and non-threatening partner. So, big breasts can help women stay away from such misogynist men.

Top 10 Women’s Health Risks In Current Society

In modern times, they have stepped out for work, business and so many other things. They are simultaneously taking care of their families and their professional career. This in turn leads to severe stress, which is one of the reasons for their health issues.




Here are some of the important women’s health risks in current society:


Breast and cervical cancers are the two common cancers that affect women. Early diagnosis is a must to keep women alive and healthy. Female gender is the most important risk factor for breast cancer. Biological, genetic, and excessive weight are the main reasons for breast cancer. Exposure to certain environmental substances and conditions may also increase the risk of developing the disease. We can reduce the risk by following regular medical check-ups, doing exercise, being on a healthy diet, etc.  Cervical cancer is caused by persistent infections with a high-risk type of Human PapillomaVirus (HPV). This HPV virus may spread from one person to another through sexual activity and by skin-to-skin contact with the area of the body infected with HPV. Aging is also considered a major risk factor for persistent infection.

Coronary heart disease:

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, lack of physical activity, obesity, and diabetes are the main factors for health diseases. Lifestyle changes, medicines, and medical or surgical procedures can help women lower their risk for CHD. Hence, early CHD prevention is important.

Maternal Health:

Women face many complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Most can be avoided with medical interventions. The key obstacle is lack of access to quality care before, during and after childbirth.


Several factors such as unprotected vaginal sex, immature genital tract in adolescent age, sharing drug injection equipment, such as needles and syringes increase the risk of HIV infection in women.

Mental Health:

Women are more sensitive than men, and hence more likely to have depression, which is the most common mental health problem affecting women. They take out problems on themselves and refuse to share their feelings. In the end, this mental agony leads to depression.


Genetic and biological predisposition, hormonal changes and obesity are the main factors associated with osteoarthritis. It strikes women at an early age and causes joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Osteoarthritis is the leading cause for physical disabilities.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Sexually Transmitted Infections:

The effect of this disease is more serious on women than on men. It may cause infertility if unnoticed and untreated as symptoms are less obvious in women. That is why women should be well aware of this disease to avoid health complications.


Each year, more women suffer from stroke than men. Although there are many risk factors common for both men and women, including family history, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, the following risk factors are unique to women:

  • Using pills to avoid pregnancy
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Having frequent migraine headaches

Autoimmune Disease:

A group of disorders in which the immune system attacks the body and destroys or alters its tissues. Numerous serious chronic illnesses fall into this category and include lupus, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. Genetic, hormonal and environmental factors are generally identified as the reason for this disease.

Urinary Tract Health:

Because of the way female urinary tract is structured, women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract problems. Women may be especially prone to urinary infection problems because they have shorter urethras, which allows bacteria a quick access to the bladder. While having a sexual intercourse, the bacteria can enter into the urinary tract, too. This is also one of the reasons for women having urinary infections.

How To Create Awareness Among Women About Health Issues:

You can celebrate Women’s Health Day in your area to create awareness about

  • health issues women are facing;
  • the importance of periodical health check-ups;
  • the need to have a friendly relationship with your doctor, tracking your family medical history, and paying attention to your body.

In addition, according to the latest trend, you can design customized silicone wristbands and distribute them during the event, which will attract the crowd, and you can easily spread your message. These bands are available in various styles, attractive colors and types and can be personalized the way you desire with your own messages and artwork. If you want to make your Women’s Health Week wristbands more fashionable, you can add glow and glitter effects to it.

Some Health and Care Tips for a Woman That You Should Be Aware Of!

The need to know some health and care tips for woman:

A woman can usually be seen working all day long, running after the kids, handling the household jobs, doing the groceries, and sometimes even working in the office. There are many women out there who handle their jobs along with their household responsibilities and show off their multitasking side. However what we need to realize is that women are also human beings. A woman is neither a robot nor a mutant who never gets tired, and so it is essential for women to take care of their health. Cause if you will fall sick the entire house will have to suffer!

The need to take of your health!

And therefore, it is crucial for every woman out there to be aware of some health and care tips for a woman, to stay fit and healthy. As it is commonly seen that women are so caught up in their work that they are unable to find time for themselves, this causes them to face some troubles. Therefore, it is highly important for women to be aware of some tips so that they can take better care of their health. What women need to realize is that if they don’t take care of their health properly, they might have to form serious issues; this could later cause them, even more, problems!

Tips to follow:

Here are some health and care tips for a woman to follow! Firstly, it is important for every woman to get rid of stress and tension from their body. You must remember that stress is the leading cause of all theses disease that you face! Stress can cause some health serious issues such as infertility in women, depression and heart disease!

Secondly, what women must realize is that they must stop dieting. Maintaining a leveled diet which includes all the nutrients and sometimes a bit of some chocolate cake won’t hurt you. Also, you must understand that orange juice is not the only source of calcium, it is highly important for women to take care of their calcium intake.

You must also realize that exercising is a must for you. If you wish to be able to move just like how you did when you were 18 then it is important for you to indulge in more than just cardio exercises! This exercise will protect you from tons of diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, etc.

Some more tips that you should be following:

It is better to take use of birth control pills also known as contraceptive pills as a means of staying away from any sexually transmitted disease. Also, these pills help by making your cycle regular! Make sure you don’t wait too long; there is no knowing till when you are going to remain fertile! Make sure to visit the doctor each year and get your PAP and HPV and some genetic tests were done as a precaution. And lastly, you must realize that it is important for you to take care of your sleeping habits!